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Working Together 

Thank you for your interest in working with Attomo Studio

Welcome to the team! If you received this link is probably because you are considered skilled to be a part of the Attomo Studio Recruitment Group. 

Image by Annie Spratt

We are a Digital Marketing Company based in Florida, USA. We only work with freelancers, we don't have employees. You don't need to know perfect English unless you are a copywriter. We pay monthly and use US Dollars. 

How do we hire?

First, we look for as many good professionals as possible, we do that by doing posts, analyzing CVs and portfolios, and sometimes doing interviews. After that, we send them this link where we invite them to join the mailing list for job opportunities and the Discord Channel for more direct contact.

Become a part of Attomo

We invite you to put your email below and also check the box that best suits you. You can chech more than one. Once you do that, we will start sending you the job opportunities as they come. Also we will send you an email with the discord server. By doing so, you will be sent any job opportunities that might come in the future.


Thanks for joining!

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