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Onboarding Questionnaire
for New Clients

Welcome! We’re thrilled to embark on this marketing journey with you. This questionnaire is designed to help us understand your business, brand, and objectives more deeply. Your insights will guide our collaboration, ensuring we tailor our marketing efforts to fit your unique needs. Don't worry if you're not familiar with all the marketing terms; we're here for you every step of the way. Feel free to provide as much detail as you can, and it's perfectly okay to be vague where you're unsure. Let's get started!

Understanding the Business Model and Customer Journey

  1. Describe your business in a few sentences.


  1. Describe your business in a few sentences.

    • Example: "We are a family-owned bakery specializing in gluten-free products. We pride ourselves on using organic ingredients to create traditional recipes with a modern twist."
      Example: "We are a global technology company specializing in consumer electronics and software solutions. Our mission is to innovate and enhance everyday life with cutting-edge technology, offering a range of products from smart devices to cloud services. With sustainability and user experience at our core, we strive to connect people and businesses worldwide through seamless technology."

  2. Who are your primary customers?

    • Hint: Think about who is most likely to use your product/service. Feel free to describe them broadly if you're not sure.

  3. How do your customers find you? (Select all that apply)

    • Online search

    • Social media

    • Word of mouth

    • Advertising (Please specify: ____________)

    • Other (Please describe: ____________)

  4. What is the typical journey a customer goes through to purchase your product/service?

    • Hint: Consider the steps from discovering your business to making a purchase. Example: A customer finds us on Instagram, visits our website to browse products, and makes a purchase through our online store.

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